Caltex White Rabbit & All FuelsOn Thursday 17 April 2014, team All Fuels – Caltex KZN South Branded Marketer accompanied by the Caltex White Rabbit, joined team Daymed Private Hospital, and ventured to Sunlit Home in Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg.

The Daymed Private Hospital arranged a host of treats for the kids, including hot cross buns, Easter Eggs, milkshakes, balloons and even two staff members dressed fabulously as clowns.

The education of our nation’s children is close  to All Fuels’ heart, so we contributed Caltex yoyos, to help the kids with their hand/eye coordination.

Caltex White Rabbit & All Fuels

Team All Fuels, and team Daymed arrived through the back entrance to the home and set up the two ambulances, gifts and props, while the Caltex White Rabbit lurked silently behind the ambulance.

Caltex White Rabbit Easter & All Fuels


On cue, The Daymed Ambulance sounded the sirens to call the children out of the home. The lit up faces of the kids that gathered neatly and well behaved in front of the ambulance was a sight to behold.



When signaled, the Caltex White Rabbit sprung enthusiastically from his hiding place, the children shrieking and laughing with delight. As the Caltex Mascot handed out the goodies the look on each child’s face was worth a thousand words.

Thank you to all that played a pivotal role in bringing the joy of Easter to the kids of Kwazulu Natal.



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