In a Bloomberg survey conducted in March, it was established that South Africa ranked 41st in the most expensive fuel price index.

In the latest fuel survey Norway, where motorists paid up to R25/l, was the country with the priciest fuel. It is unusual, in that it’s the only major oil producer with expensive fuel.

Instead of subsidising fuel at the pump, the country uses its oil profits for services such as free college education and savings for infrastructure improvements.

Norway also tried to discourage driving by heavy taxation of fuel to decrease pollution and combat climate change.

Despite being close to the Suez Strait with oil-rich countries such as Egypt and Syria, Turkey followed Norway, also at R25/l, according to This is Money‘s third annual world’s most expensive petrol index.

Turkey was followed by the Netherlands at R23/l; Italy, Sweden, Greece, France and Portugal at R22/1 and finally Belgium and Germany at R21/l.

Countries visited by South Africans in numbers include Britain and if visitors hire a car, they would pay about R20.30/l.

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