Caltex with Techron®

Techron works molecule by molecule to prevent deposits from forming in vital engine parts and removes deposits left behind by inferior-quality fuel.

For your car’s best performance, choose Caltex with Techron petrol. Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use any grade of Caltex with Techron® petrol.

Power for better engine performance
Maximised power
Better fuel economy
Reliable performance
Lower emissions
Smoother drive
A rattle is not a good sound. Not when it comes from your engine.

It’s called ‘knocking’ and means that fuel in the combustion chamber of your engine is igniting uncontrollably. If you use an inferior-quality fuel, deposits will form in the combustion chamber and increase the engine’s octane number requirement (ONR). Knocking happens when the engine’s ONR is higher than the octane rating of the fuel you choose. Even with adjustments to the engine’s spark timing in modern cars, the only foolproof prevention for knocking is to maintain a clean engine.

Techron’s precise polyetheramine-based formula not only removes carbon build-up on these vital engine parts, it keeps working to prevent harmful deposits that can interfere with acceleration. So you’ll enjoy maximum performance with every drive.

How does Techron® help?
Discover the importance of keeping vital engine parts clean inside different car engines and how Techron® helps.
Port Fuel Injection Engine
A port fuel injection engine feeds fuel and air through the intake port behind each cylinder’s valves.
Direct Fuel Injection Engine
Hybrid Engine
Clean fuel injectors spray the right amount of gasoline for efficient burning. Techron® helps to clean up harmful deposits left behind by inferior-quality fuel.
Lower quality gasolines can leave harmful deposits behind and contributes to engine ‘knock’, and increased emissions. Techron® works to minimise these deposits.
Clean valves enable unrestricted air and fuel delivery, helping the engine to perform at maximum power. Techron® cleans and protects against deposits from clogging them.
Drive to a Caltex station and experience the cleaning power of Techron®:

Unleaded 95/93 with Techron®
Unleaded 95 with Techron® is suitable for most drivers. Techron cleans vital engine parts, preventing the build-up of carbon deposits to help deliver maximum power and performance.

Unleaded 93 with Techron® is designed to maintain optimal engine performance. The proven power of Techron helps keep dirty engine deposits at bay for better efficiency and fuel economy.

LRP 95/93 with Techron®
Lead Replacement Petrol 95 with Techron® is suitable for drivers whose car engines may require protection against valve seat recession. Techron advanced formulation clears up engine deposits to help improve performance for a smoother drive.

Lead Replacement Petrol 93 with Techron® is a high quality lead replacement petrol incorporating an exclusive, multifunctional deposit control technology to ensure maximum performance and economy.