All Fuels and Humana People to People in South Africa are fighting shoulder to shoulder with our community to face the challenges of unemployment, education, and health.


We at All Fuels have joined Humana is gathering resources for this fight!

Humana Second Hand collects clothes and shoes from people who have surplus, and sell to those who need it. Thereby value is created which can be used in Humana People to People’s projects to create employment, skills training, better opportunities for children and youth, fight HIV and TB, and start food production.

The clothes are sold at a lower price in Humana Second Hand Shops, and what is not resell-able is recycled and given a new life. The proceeds are used to create development.

All Fuels and Humana have put these bins on some of the sites in our cluster and urge all motorists to help our cause by dropping off their goods.

S&M Singh's - Umkomaas

“From the haves to the have-nots. From the sound to the sick. From the storekeeper to the empty stomachs. From the liberated to the chained. From you to all of them.”

View the Gallery for complete list of All Fuels sites with bins

Humana People to People in South Africa is a registered NPO(005-055)