Caltex UCount Rewards

Caltex UCount Rewards

Get up to R2* back with UCount Rewards from Standard Bank

Collect rewards points with every fuel purchase. Get up to R2* back in rewards points from UCount Rewards for every litre of fuel you purchase at participating Caltex forecourts:

  • When using a qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card to pay for fuel purchases at Caltex forecourts
  • Based on the rewards tier and the Standard Bank card used, members will collect rewards points for every litre of fuelCard Type


Collecting rewards points on your fuel purchases at Caltex is limited to 20% of your total qualifying montly card spend. This means that UCount Rewards will total all fuel purchases made on your Debit/Cheque and/or Credit card (excluding non-Caltex fuel, tolls and casino purchases) to calculate your qualifying fuel spend.

UCount Rewards members will not get rewards points back for fuel:

  • For any fuel purchases made inside a Caltex convenience store, including FreshStop and with a convenience store POS terminal
  • When using corporate cards and garage cards to pay for fuel purchases.

UCount Rewards members can pay for fuel at Caltex forecourts only:

  • With their rewards points using an activated UCount Rewards card
  • If a UCount Rewards member does not have enough rewards points, they can part-pay with their qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card

Did you know?
The FreshStop at your Caltex is a Participating Rewards Retailer on the UCount Rewards program where you can collect up to 6.25%* back in rewards points on purchases and also redeem your rewards points for purchases. Click here for more information.

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