All Fuels offers a wide range of Caltex lubricant products such as Havoline for gasoline engines, Delo for diesel engines, motorcycle oils and other specialty engine oils.

For over 75 years, Caltex has been manufacturing and marketing quality lubricants on a global scale. In today’s highly complex and competitive market, a new focus and commitment is required to meet our customers’ demands for superior products, dedicated service and efficient distribution networks.




Caltex of Havoline products, a gasoline engine oil, helps engine performance & maximize fuel economy.


Delo or Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil and its products are in the forefront of lubrication innovation

superToilMotorcycle Oil

Caltex Havoline’s motorcycle lubricating oils provide lubricating oil for every kind of motorcycle engine.




Havoline ATF-J & Texamatic 1888 are Caltex’s high performance automatic transmission fluids specially engineered to different engines