On Friday 29 May 2015 mid-afternoon, Quality Service Station (Caltex Richmond), Kwazulu Natal, South Africa was a hive of activity.

20150529_150017Unogwaja on Foot and the Unogwaja Cycle Team finally met up and All Fuels and Quality Service Station were proud to host the meeting of heroes some 1500 kilometres into their journey.

The Unogwaja on Foot Team arrived first, John McInroy and Robert le Brun had been walking since 01 May 2015 from Cape Town.


The Unogwaja Cycle Team had been on the road since 21 May 2015 and Friday marked Day 9 of their 10 day journey to Pietermaritzburg to run the Comrades Marathon.

20150529_153308The Councillor Andrew Ragavaloo, the Mayor of Richmond, and supporters of the Unogwaja joined Team All Fuels, the Caltex White Rabbit and Quality Service Station for the event.

As the Cyclists approached, whoops of excitement filled the air as the On Foot Team and supporters flood into the street to welcome them.


The reunion was emotional, tears of joy flowed freely as the two Teams became one. Father and son, Chris and John McInroy embraced in celebration.


The Mayor gave the welcoming speech commending the camaraderie, the bravery and the dedication of Team Unogwaja.

As the Cyclists and On Foot team refreshed themselves with the array of platters, energy drinks and juices provided by Caltex Richmond, the Caltex White Rabbit got to know some of the Unogwaja Team.SAM_1551

As the epic day drew to a close, Team All Fuels, The Caltex White Rabbit and Quality Service Station bid farewell to the Unogwaja. Until Next Year Team Unogwaja!

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