We at All Fuels were pleased to be Neknominated by Master Installations, and accepted the challenge readily.

The beneficiary of our Neknomination is Durban Children’s Home (DCH). The home currently has over 70 children, aged 2 – 18, all who live in age-appropriate houses on the premises. The entirety of each child’s existence is planned and cared for by these wonderful people.


On Tuesday 25 Feb 2014, the All Fuels team undertook our Neknomination challenge.


We donated cricket sets, tennis balls, numerous pairs of goggles, a pencil case for each child (with a sweet and pen inside), and 20 blow up balls.

The team distributed the goods to the children and caregivers, and played ball with the kids.


The entire challenge was recorded and the video posted to YouTube – VIEW ALL FUELS NEKNOMINATION VIDEO.

We have passed on the Neknomination Challenge to NONKE PETROLEUM, it is now their turn to pay-it-forward. Thereafter, they will nominate another company, and the chain will continue.

(NB: faces not displayed due to the Child Protection Act)

What is Neknomination?

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