by Monique van der Walt


2014 is upon us, and so is the accelerating need for Health, Environment and Safety (HES) to be #1.  Being HES focused starts in everyday life, not only where “high-risk” is part of the job. It begins with you!

Here are some simple tips to help you get started.

Building a culture starts with the individual


Leadbyexample1Lead by Example. Practice what you preach, ie:

Health – look after your home, body, work space. Keep tidy & fit

Environment – Energy saving light bulbs & recycling

Safety – No phones while driving, emergency plans

Education through Communication. Share stories. Accidents do happen and by discussing them we can avoid them.


Use a story from your local news to drive the point home. Make it a habit of explaining the SAFE way of doing things, and the difference in the outcome.

Safety Meetings. Have a daily safety briefing (toolbox talk).

At Work: everyone on your staff must know the emergency plan. Daily talks – high-risk work planned, general safety reminder and protective gear check.

At home: the breakfast table is a good place to remind family to be safe and aware in their daily activities. I think an emergency plan applies as much at home as it does at the office. Print it out, stick it on your fridge. Refer to it daily.

Repeat yourself –make it a habit. Say “Be Safe” or “Remember the Robot” to friends, staff, family, even strangers. When you get in the car, do your mental safety check out loud, seat belt, locked doors etc.

THE ROBOT (Traffic Light)


STOP – ASSESS the risk. What could go wrong? What is the worst thing that could happen if something does go wrong?

THINK – ANALYSE how to do this in a safe (or more-safe) way. How can I make this more safe?

ACT ensuring safetyNow that you have thought about what could go wrong, and how to avoid this risk, you can do it, SAFELY. There is always time to do it right, safely. Ask for help if needed!

And remember, a culture is something that is ingrained in a society. Our culture dictates our future. Health, Environment and Safety awareness needs to be more than a passing New Year’s resolution for 2014.

HES – YOUR culture for OUR future

The All Fuels  team wishes you and yours a SAFE, prosperous and incident free 2014!


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